Loudoun County Real Estate

Loudoun County Real Estate and Information

Loudoun County, Virginia is located 25 miles from Washington D.C. Looking beyond the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and flowing waters of the Potomac River, Loudoun has established a reputation for the international center for Technology, Communications, and Transportation.

As our countries fourth largest metropolitan region, Loudoun is the fastest growing county in the region as well as nation. Many global businesses like America Online, WorldCom, and United Airlines have called Loudoun their home. Due to the tremendous growth, a strong employment base rises throughout the county. The Department of Economic Development continues to work with the public to stimulate creativity and new business development...

Loudoun offers plenty of recreational activities for all ages and likings. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through some of our finest nature trails. Take a 45-mile bike ride through the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, or relax with the family while picnicking in one of the many parks like Ida Lee or Claude Moore. Challenge yourself to a game of golf.

 Choose from one of several private and public Golf courses. If you are a history buff, visit the Ball´s Bluff Regional Park and step back into the days of the Civil War. There are endless possibilities throughout.